Odds and Ends

2009-10-20 00:54:51 by RobHalford

So I've been doing some varying work on a few things this past month or so.

Mostly client work for a trio of sites you most likely won't be interested in.

But the thing I'm most proud of right now is a dynamic player for beatmachine extraordinaire RED.M. Basically, it enables him to name a few songs from an album, and toss them into a folder with the player files. And the player in turn, loads and reads the files, and plays them for you. He's got bigger plans for it, so this isn't the final version.

Anyways, here it is on his newest album, Sp00ky vs. the Wolfman.

http://redmongoose.randomsociety.com/m p3/sp00kyvsthewolfman/

Also, check out this british cockfag.

Odds and Ends

Somnius Update

2009-09-12 17:43:56 by RobHalford

So Mushroomboy and I have been hammering away at Somnius (our po3 game), and we're making some real progress. The first level is fully playable and only requires some puzzles and a bit more art to be done. Armon whipped up a quick loop for the first level a few days ago, and it's really nice.

I'll wait for the first level to be done for Mushroomboy to make a news post on it with a playable link.

In the meantime, here's a screenshot.

Somnius Update

So I've been on a trip into the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The road along the Columbia River as well as the gorge itself were stunning. Right now, I'm in Oregon but I'll be driving down to Northern California tomorrow morning.

Anyways, MushroomBoy and I have made some headway on our Power of 3 Game. I've managed to crank out a beta version of the engine, and he's come up with some really awesome stuff for the art and theme.

Here's a preview.

"Somnius" (Primitive Working Title)


2009-05-14 21:34:30 by RobHalford

So Tommy boy's got some big contest going. Not a surprise that an influx of kids who can draw stick figures are looking for a programmer.

I'm currently working on a game I want to get pumped out by June.

If all goes well, I'll team up with some TBA cunts and make a sick game.

So that means don't PM me about programming your game. It won't happen.