Entry #1


2009-05-14 21:34:30 by RobHalford

So Tommy boy's got some big contest going. Not a surprise that an influx of kids who can draw stick figures are looking for a programmer.

I'm currently working on a game I want to get pumped out by June.

If all goes well, I'll team up with some TBA cunts and make a sick game.

So that means don't PM me about programming your game. It won't happen.



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2009-05-15 11:40:29

are you the guy with those shades in your avatar?

also ill making something today

RobHalford responds:

The guy in the icon as well as my avatar is legendary Judas Priest singer, Rob Halford.


2009-06-10 21:21:18

i want one of those

and hello it's me systecho ababababababababababababababababababa babab

RobHalford responds:



2009-07-12 19:36:01

if you, or those back alley-ers have a problem with me responding to Rtil then go ahead and try.

by all means your not doing much by mocking my words.

they back alleys will come to a close as will the attitude of said people.

RobHalford responds:

<+lenko> i hate how people generalize tba as either spammers or rtil suckups


2009-07-14 23:42:46

suck up?

surely you misjudge.....
Rtil is not a friend....

but merely someone who is just floating around that bugs me from time to time...

RobHalford responds:

surely you misjudge.....
VidGameDude is not a friend....
but merely someone who is just floating around that bugs *insert popular artist here* from time to time...


2009-07-16 00:10:15

ham or turkey?

RobHalford responds:

cold turkey >