Entry #4

Odds and Ends

2009-10-20 00:54:51 by RobHalford

So I've been doing some varying work on a few things this past month or so.

Mostly client work for a trio of sites you most likely won't be interested in.

But the thing I'm most proud of right now is a dynamic player for beatmachine extraordinaire RED.M. Basically, it enables him to name a few songs from an album, and toss them into a folder with the player files. And the player in turn, loads and reads the files, and plays them for you. He's got bigger plans for it, so this isn't the final version.

Anyways, here it is on his newest album, Sp00ky vs. the Wolfman.

http://redmongoose.randomsociety.com/m p3/sp00kyvsthewolfman/

Also, check out this british cockfag.

Odds and Ends


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2009-10-20 00:58:36

fukka u bich!!

RobHalford responds:

cockfag 220 up, 31 down love it hate it

The best thing anyone has ever yelled in a merionette film (Team America) just before sending some ragheads flying right into the sphynx in an explosive jeep.
Chris: Surprise, cockfags!


2009-10-20 00:59:15

B) B)

RobHalford responds:

(the one that's upside down dies)



2011-06-15 20:05:56

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